The Week

The Week

One of the most globally successful magazine brands, The Week filters and refines the complexity of the world’s finest opinion, news and culture into a weekly current affairs magazine. The title’s launch in this region provides a unique opportunity to offer English commentary on regional news – from both the Arabic and English press – something that has never been offered before.

Every week, a team of award-winning journalists will distil over 200 news sources – including regional and international newspapers and magazines, websites, blogs, and social media – into an informative and riveting read.

Key Facts

  • Price: 15Dhs
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Circulation: 15,000 copies
  • Contact: [email protected], T +427 3000
  • Target Market: The target market is 30–55-year old C-level executives and professionals, who are cash-rich, but time-poor. They get enormous benefit from a concise digest of world affairs, intelligently filtered to provide objectivity and clarity in an over-populated news arena.
Rate Card US$
Full Page 6,000
Half Page 3,600
Double Page Spread 11,100
Inside Front Cover 10,800
Inside Back Cover 10,200
Outside Back Cover 13,200

All invoice amounts are exclusive of VAT and shall be paid in full, free of any deductions, withholding taxes, and any other charges including but not limited to bank charges.

Magazine Specifications

Full-page trim 210mm x 297mm
Full-page bleed 216mm x 303mm