The world’s number one gadget magazine Stuff, comprises regular product exclusives, current listings and engaging independent features. Readers particularly enjoy the expert tests, trusted opinion and the region’s ‘Best Buys’ guide to the top 10 of everything

Key Facts

  • Price: Dhs 20
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Circulation: 13,156
  • Contact: [email protected], T +427 3000
  • Target market: Men who buy stuff, buy Stuff magazine. Well educated men between the ages of 25-40, with a high net worth, interest in gadgets, sports and lifestyle.
Rate Card US$
Full Page 4,000
Half Page 2,800
Double Page Spread 8,000
Inside Front Cover 7,750
Inside Back Cover 7,500
Outside Back Cover 8,800

All invoice amounts are exclusive of VAT and shall be paid in full, free of any deductions, withholding taxes, and any other charges including but not limited to bank charges.

Magazine Specifications

Full page trim 284mm x 210mm
Full page type 244mm x 175mm
Full page bleed 290mm x 216mm


Tailored circulation at cinemas, offices, residences, golf clubs, restaurants, salons, clinics and more.