Open Skies

Open Skies

At 110,618 copies Open Skies has the highest audited circulation of any independent magazine in the Middle east and was one of the most awarded magazines of 2012. Open Skies is intelligent, creative and a collectible- an in-flight magazine that focuses on people and stories as much as destinations. We work with the world’s best writers and photographers to create a magazine that reflects the brand values of Emirates.

Key Facts

Rate Card US$
Full Page 16,500
Double Page Spread 31,500
Inside Front Cover Spread 64,750
Inside Back Cover 33,500
Outside Back Cover 36,500

All invoice amounts are exclusive of VAT and shall be paid in full, free of any deductions, withholding taxes, and any other charges including but not limited to bank charges.

Magazine Specifications

Full-page trim size 260 x 195 mm
Full-page type area 224 x 173 mm
Full-page bleed 266 x 201 mm