good is a unique title that makes life in the region easier, better and simpler, changing the way you shop, eat and live.

We’re the ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ idea you share on Pinterest, the shortcut that you’re thankful for each time you drive home, the a-ha moment, that emergency gift you keep stashed in the wardrobe, your little black book, that factoid that always impresses, the hot topic at the dinner party, breakfast table and water-cooler.

Truly rooted in the community, good exists on the pages of the magazine, but also online, through social media and on the radio waves. We even treat our readers to special events, workshops and little extras, keeping them in touch with experts, entrepreneurs, tastemakers and local talent.

Key Facts:

  • Price: Dhs 12
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Circulation: 15,000
  • Contact: [email protected], T +427 3000
  • Target market: good magazine is the essential companion to expat professionals and household decision-makers who want to live life well. The reader mixes labels with high street brands, shops for convenience as well as price and is happy to pay Salik because it makes commuting easier. They seek out new cultural experiences such as farmer’s markets and art fairs and they’re just as likely to drive a Ford Focus as they are a 7 Series BMW – because to them, value is a mind set, not a salary.


Rate Card US$
Full Page 3,750
Half Page 2,250
Double Page Spread 6,950
Inside Front Cover 6,750
Inside Back Cover 6,350
Outside Back Cover 8,250

All invoice amounts are exclusive of VAT and shall be paid in full, free of any deductions, withholding taxes, and any other charges including but not limited to bank charges.

Magazine specifications:

Full-page trim 270 x 206 mm
Full-page type 245 x 182 mm
Full-page bleed 276 x 212 mm