Toshiba and Gulf Business organise Preventive Healthcare Forum 2015

Toshiba, one of the sponsors of Arab Health joined forced with Motivate publication, Gulf Business in organising an innovative forum and networking dinner at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Dubai last night, to discuss the healthcare challenges facing the region with regard to lifestyle related diseases.

Toshiba who are currently expanding their healthcare business, specialise in cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and recognise that the aspiration of high quality healthcare is pressurizing healthcare providers to invest further in providing high quality care and integrated services.

Satoshi Tsunakawa, Corporate Senior Vice President, President & CEO, Toshiba Corporation Healthcare Company addressed Toshiba’s regional healthcare strategy and how they can contribute to improving population health. He outlined how Toshiba’s advanced diagnostic imaging technology can help with the early detection of life-threatening diseases.

Other speakers at the evening event included:

Sarry W. AlBuraik, Senior Consultant, Healthcare Services and Finance, Advisor to CEO, King Fahad Medical City, KSA.

Dr. Abdulkarim Almuhanna, M.D. CPHIMS, Senior Consultant- Health Informatics, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, KSA.

Maryanne McHugh, Global Strategic Advisor, Toshiba Corporation Healthcare Company.

Furthermore, Dr. Samer Ellahham, Chief Quality Officer, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, UAE was the opening keynote speaker, addressing the GCC region’s healthcare challenges on lifestyle related diseases.

There was also an interactive panel discussion on ‘How using preventive diagnostics can save someone’s life and contribute to a healthier society’ amongst other related topics.

Dr. Abdulkarim Almuhanna commented, “ Advancement in medical technology and communication when deployed for preventive healthcare will allow monitoring of chronic patients and provide targeted services and education to these patients. With chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and obesity becoming a major pandemic, ensuring the compliance of these patients with preventive measures will play a pivotal role in improving the population’s health and curbing costly treatment caused by neglecting prevention and early treatment”.

Anthony Milne, General Manager of Gulf Business stated “ This networking forum provides a platform to discuss innovative strategies to improve the quality of healthcare delivery whilst reducing costs and assessing the latest medical and management technologies for improving patient care, led by Toshiba, pioneers in innovative healthcare solutions”.